Flaws and All

At the end of the day I always make an effort to remove my makeup. I do this because I have very oily skin and I break out easily so it’s very important that I take care of my skin. Sometimes after I’ve removed all of my makeup I stare at myself in the mirror. There’s something about the way I look without makeup, with a fresh face. It’s something that I have truly grown to love. I’ve always struggled with acne but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that it’s something I had to manage to live with. My acne is not something I treat as a flaw but more as something that makes me an individual. I’m sure there are many remedies I could try to get rid of my acne but I’d rather live with it the way I know how since its no longer a burden to me. Throughout life we discover these flaws about us that we waste so much time wishing we didn’t have to deal with but the truth is we all have flaws. We all have things we wish we could change about ourselves but what I’ve learned is that God makes no mistakes. We have to learn how to truly love ourselves because our lives are precious and being able to love who you are is such a beautiful feeling.   


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