My life is a mod podge of things

Seriously. I can’t explain it. As I look back on how much my life has change over the past year I am just in awe of how I have been able to make it here without giving up all hope. From a broken off engagement to switching jobs to once again thinking about what it is I should major in, I have managed to somewhat keep a bit of my sanity. Faith really is the only strength I’ve been living off of. And yet, with bills to pay and studying to be done I decided that today would be the day I started a blog. An actual, blog. With words and such. This blog is not just for me, it’s  for all those young women going through the same things as I am. Times can get rough and messy but when you take a moment to stop and breathe, it can also be very beautiful. Even though life can be stressful this life is very much worth living. I am not perfect, I’ve battled depression my whole life but when I feel myself slipping I always make an effort to pick myself up. I have no idea what God has in store for my life but I will do everything in my power to prepare myself for that which is to come.


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