Love after heartbreak

As I sit in my room at night contemplating the complexities as to how I have managed to find someone I may potentially be falling for; I can’t help but ask myself if I am truly ready for this? But the truth is, are any of us ever truly ready for love after heartbreak? I believe that love is a risk that many of us choose to take when we think that the person we decide to give our heart to is worthy of our love. When we love someone we’re basically giving them permission to hurt us in the worst way possible but trusting them enough that they won’t. Almost a year has gone by since I let a man anywhere near me and yet I find myself taking a liking to particular guy which makes me question whether or not I’m truly ready for this? Is he ready for this? The good thing about this person is that they completely understand my situation. And the words “girlfriend/boyfriend” scare us but should I ever decide to place anyone in that category it would be him. My advice to anyone moving on after a heartbreak would be to take your time. Even if you think you’re going slow GO SLOWER! Love shouldn’t feel rushed and the last thing any of us want is another failed relationship. So get to know yourself and your partner before you jump into something serious but don’t resist the opportunity to move on. You may actually find something beautiful. 

“Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time.” – Dr. Maya Angelou


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