Switching jobs, taking new paths, and trying to love again?

That’s where I am in life. 

As the summer began I started a new job and thought to myself, “Hey maybe this is what I was really meant to be doing.” But as the summer comes to an end I realize that this is not the case. And even though I love what I do I have to say that it’s not my calling. A few nights ago I was talking to my sister about my troubles at work and I felt God really speaking to me through her. She said, “Sometimes God puts you in a situation and he makes it uncomfortable for you so that you can get up and leave.” And I felt it was true because even though I loved my job I have to say that the past few weeks have been really REALLY hard. Healthcare is not easy guys. No matter what you do in the field, whether you work as a nurse, a CNA, or even a housekeeper. So with that being said I accepted a new job and decided to finish up my program this fall. And even though I’m taking a pay cut I know that it’s for the best. Mostly because I want to move ahead in life and I don’t want to feel stuck in the same place with no opportunity for advancement and that’s how I felt at my job. So here I am embarking on a new journey and slowly trying figure out what’s going on in my (somewhat existent) love life.

There’s some pros about long distance relationships

In my case, I can really focus on what I’m trying to do for myself in order to get my life together. Which I can really thank my bf for. One of the things I admire about him is that he really has pushed me to set some goals and to accomplish them. I think over the past year I really avoided thinking about the future. I didn’t want to because the plans I made didn’t happen and I was left to start over. But now that I’m with someone new I guess I kinda have to start thinking about it again and who knows where I’ll be or what I’ll be doing a year from now. I just hope that I’m happy. And that’s the thing about faith, when you have it it’s hard to worry. I have to say that after I got a call back from the second job I applied to, I stopped worrying because I knew that God would take care of me. I knew that things would be okay and that his plans for me are to prosper me and give me hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). So I let go and let God and with all the stress that I’ve endured this summer I am blessed to have had this opportunity to work here and past places. I got to share some really great moments with some really great elderly people.


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