My issue with the”friendzone” (It’s not what you think.) Very short.

I’m afraid that if I post this I’ll have some interesting messages in my inbox…

*sighs* Oh well.

What happens when you like someone and they don’t like you back? You get put into the “friendzone.” Apparently I am guilty of doing this. However, I believe that most guys put themselves into this position. Why? Because they don’t express their emotions to the women they like. I mean, if you like someone then just go and tell them. Guys are so afraid of rejection that they themselves miss out on great things because they’re too afraid of being turned down. Be  specific about how you feel. We are too old to be playing games. Plus even if you do get turned down just accept it and move on. There are plenty of women out here for you to be bitter that one of them does not want you back. 

So if you get put into the friendzone don’t be upset. He/she just may not be the one. I believe in vibes and having chemistry with a person and if you don’t have it then you just don’t have it.

I realize that this was basically a slight Facebook rant but who cares. No one reads these anyway😂


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