You guys just keep giving me content for my blog.

Let me just start off by saying that this is my blog, not a college essay. Therefore upon posting I try to proofread my posts a couple of times but it still it may end up being a little sloppy. I could care less though as long as i’m getting my point across lol

Now for the real reason why i’m here. I will start by telling you about a small situation that occurred today. So a couple days ago I ran into a friend at the Wawa. We talked for a little and then planned to hang out. So i’m thinking, “oh okay cool maybe we’ll get dinner or a drink at the bar and just talk.” Nah. So today came along and I asked him where he wanted to meet and this guy responded with, “Just come over.”



Now, this is not a guy that i’m particularly interested in. I mean, maybe he would be if I was actually interested in a male companion but i’m not. But that’s not even the reason why i’m so bothered. I’m bothered because after he said that I replied with, “No. I’d rather just get food. I’m hungry.” SO THIS GUY SAYS, “Whoa. That was kinda rude.”




Now me being the outspoken feminist that I am. I said, “Because I said no? Because i’m entitled to my own decisions? Because i’d rather get food? Lol which one was it?”


As I sit here still wondering which part of what I said was rude (Because I obviously haven’t gotten a text back yet with the response) I don’t understand what else he expected? For me to ask him to send me the address? What did he think was going to happen? I hardly know this guy and who knows what could have happened if I did go over there. As women we have got to be smarter. And I am saddened because how many of us have actually fallen for something like this? Some of these men, are so quick to call a woman a whore for sleeping with them and yet if they say no to being in a position like that then they’re, “rude.” I’m not saying that if i had went over there he would have tried to put a move on me but come on guys!?

I have been up since 7am. I went to a working job interview, I went to work at my actual job, and then I went to my nieces basketball game. I was starving but even if I had been home all day I still wouldn’t have felt comfortable going to that man’s house. So if i’m rude for thinking about my safety and my well-being then let me be rude then. I have been called MUCH worse.


So ladies, protect yourselves and NEVER be afraid or ashamed to say NO. 





6 thoughts on “You guys just keep giving me content for my blog.

  1. JAMES McNeil says:

    Ok not here to down play how you feeling, but u started the sentence of by saying he was a friend. first of all for him to even get that title you already have to trust him, right. secondly how you know this guy didn’t have some special things set up for you at his home. HE could have cooked you a nice meal wine glasses out candles lit (yea when u see candles u think seduction, not all the time though coulda just been he wanted it to smell good for you.) Thirdly it’s 2016 men have stepped there game up we’ve gotten a little smarter because of you’ll women we, well Ive learned that women like things more thought out and hands on done. Going to a bar or something is kinda outdated. I feel like dude had good intentions, your a beautiful young lady maybe he saw his future, maybe he saw wifey. And I was always taught never not give a situation a try because u don’t kno how he’s (god) gonna bless you and you don’t wanna give up blessings.

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    • alliamisyoursblog says:

      I understand but this is a friend that I have only hung out with publicly AND if that was the case, if he did have something of that nature planned at his house then shouldn’t he have said something about it in his message? Would a guy who plans to have a woman over to his home for a romantic dinner invite her over by simply saying, “Just come over.” It wasn’t just about me not trusting his intentions, it was about me not feeling comfortable being alone with him and when I said no he took it as an offense.


      • James mcneil says:

        You do have a point, at the same time maybe his social skills are a little off. As far as him saying something in his message, if I wanted to suprise you I wouldn’t have said nothing. That kills the element of suprise. But overall seems like you made the right one goin off of what u said.


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