I am a Christian and a die hard democrat: And other slight thoughts on Tuesday’s tragedy.

I’m not afraid to say this because I firmly believe in separating my religious beliefs with my political beliefs. And I believe that this is one of the main reasons why this country is so divided now. We live in a country where so many people love and worship whichever way they want. So why is it that conservative America still refuses to accept that? I am intelligent enough to have realized that not everyone worships my God and that’s perfectly fine with me. That doesn’t mean I keep Him hidden. I’m very open about my relationship with Christ and I’m unashamed of it. I also believe in love because that’s what Jesus has taught me. I love my gay friends. I love my Muslim friends. I love my friends who’ve had abortions and when they all look at me they don’t see a person condemning them to hell with a bible in her hand. They just see a friend who loves them.  

But that’s not why I’m a democrat. 

I’m a democrat because my mother is a black woman from the south. Who taught me what it was like growing up in her time. I remember being a little girl and her telling me about the day they killed Martin Luther King Jr. while she was at school and they watched it on tv the whole day in class. I’m a democrat because my father came to this country from Mexico seeking a better life. He was a real immigrant who had to get a green card to come into this country to work. 

But most of all…

I’m a democrat because I know what it’s like to live in hard times. To grow up without much. To have your water shut off for a whole summer and go back to school in clothes that were given to me because my dad couldn’t afford it. I didn’t grow up privileged like many of my white colleagues while I attended Liberty University. When I vote I vote based on real issues that affect MY LIFE. Issues like healthcare, something I couldn’t and still can’t afford. I vote for issues that affect what I can and can’t do to MY BODY if I ever needed to make that decision. I vote for issues that deal with people close to me when it comes to their parents being undocumented because their parents have become my parents and I hate to see that family torn apart. So no, I refuse to vote for a candidate based off of my religious beliefs because as far as I know Jesus was neither a republican nor democrat. And for all of you conservative Christians who did vote for dickhead Trump I hope you are happy with your contribution to dividing this nation and helping to destroy everything we’ve worked so SO hard to build. 

Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest. I’m done with this issue. I hope Trump has a good presidency and completely obliterates the Republican Party.✌🏽️


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