I couldn’t think of a clever title for this but you should read it anyway.

For the most part all I do is work and go home. I hangout with friends and family at times but with me “preparing” to take my pharmacy tech exam in June I really need to be using any extra time I have to be studying.

And yet, here I am making another post on my singleness

But it’s okay, this time I’m not complaining.

No I take that back. I may hurt some feelings with this one and the thought of it brings me much joy so here’s the deal

Now I get labeled as “acting lightskin” often and I even joke about it myself. I think it’s hilarious but there’s reasons as to why I don’t text guys back or just leave them on read. Heck, most of the time I don’t even bother to open a message if I see it’s by a guy I don’t want to talk to. But that’s just me being the introvert I am most of the time. I don’t like giving too much of myself away. If a person is talking to me, male or female, and I don’t feel like talking to them then I won’t.

But on to this “hangout” business…

It is currently May and I haven’t been on a date all year. It’s not a bad thing and honestly I wonder if I can go the whole year without being asked out?


But the reason why I haven’t been on a date is because I haven’t been asked out on a date and asking me to “hangout” is not a date. Maybe I’m being too particular about what I want, maybe I’m acting light skin, maybe I’m just being a bougie princess. Either way I’m tired of the same young boys asking me to hang out with them. If you like me then ask me out on a date. I’m most likely going to say no but I’ll give you extra points for mustering up the balls to be a man and ask me.
For example, a guy asked me if I wanted to go smoke hookah with him the other evening. Do I look like a college freshman? I will be twenty four years old next month. TWENTY FO!! No I don’t want to go smoke hookah with you. I don’t want to go out to a sweaty club with you and I most certainly don’t want to “chill” at your house with you!


So until a man worthy of my time comes along and actually says to me, “Would you like to go out on a date with me?” Or something of that nature, I will continue to work, go home, and leave these young boys in the friend zone they are so eager to hop out of.



6 thoughts on “I couldn’t think of a clever title for this but you should read it anyway.

  1. Calvin Gunter says:

    This one is pretty cool, and that’s a good way to be. Time is far too valuable and limited to spend it on just anybody. Now I have a few questions, if you don’t mind me asking. Do guys blow your inbox up like that all the time? And what would make you change your mind about actually going on a date with someone who actually steps to you like a man rather than a little boy?

    In a way, I can relate. I haven’t been on a date in a while either. I actually like spending time getting to know a woman more so than just taking her to clubs and parties, just to show her off in a skin tight dress twerking on me all night. Sounds nice, but really I’m getting too old for that. I’m 28 years old, now I got plans to get married and start my own family.

    I’m an introvert too for the most part, so it’s kind of difficult (in some cases) to ask a girl out face to face without being humiliated by her and her friends just for attempting to approach a female these days. Guess that’s why we resort to the inboxing and DMs a lot, some do at least. Other guys, just be hopping from inbox to inbox up to no good.

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  2. alliamisyoursblog says:

    Well Calvin,

    1. Guys don’t “blow up my inbox” I mean every now and then a guy will ask me something in my dm’s but not often
    2. I have to actually be interested in going out with a that guy. I used to date guys who asked me out cuz I felt bad saying no but I don’t do that anymore. If I’m not interested in a guy then I am entitled to politely decline with out reason.

    I hope this answers your questions and I’m sorry to hear about your fear of being humiliated but I hope you’re not confusing this for fear of just simply being rejected. Everybody has been rejected before but you shouldn’t feel embarrassed about it. If a girl isn’t interested in you then don’t continue to waste your time on her and move on. It only lets you know that she isn’t the one for you.


  3. Calvin Gunter says:

    True. I understand that completely because like I said time and life is too short for all of that. Some women I dated or went on dates with, I regret slightly but in the end it’s all a lesson. I used to feel a little desperate settling for any girl, either for the attention or the company. Not exactly proud of that, but you live and you learn.

    I guess the fear stems from being an introvert, but the right one will come when it’s time. The single period is just simply for growth and improvement. Finding out who you are outside of a relationship, so you’ll be just right for the right person.

    I just hope someday that God will bless me with a woman that I know Mom would have approved of, as well as make me a better man so I can be a great husband and father.


  4. Calvin Gunter says:

    My pleasure and thanks Angelica! I truly do enjoy your blogs, and He will bless you too with a great guy who will love you in every way possible in due time! 🙂


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