I had originally planned on talking about something else but as usual God led me in a different direction.


Let’s talk about August.


You all know by now that I keep it real so I’m just going to put it all out on the table.


(Get ya popcorn ready)


Oh this month, it all started with me deciding that it was finally time for me to forgive my ex so I did. Everything was fine and I left the conversation with high hopes and forgivenss flowing. That is, until not even 48 hours later when these two young ladies decided to add me as a friend on FaceBook. I mean did they REALLY think that with him being our ONLY mutual friend that I wouldn’t put the pieces together? And yet, when I asked him about it he lied (that nigga still lying!) and said that he didn’t know the young women. So me, being the natural born spy that I am, did my own research and found out that he does in fact know these young women and they are his current girlfriend’s, best friends.


And that’s just the begining.


I neglected to mention another ex reemerging that I actually hung out with. Nothing happened but I could tell that perhaps he was looking for a little more than what I was willing to give him. So as always, I drowned myself in other ventures as an excuse to not see him again.


But back to this current girlfriend.


Sometimes God blocks things from you that you don’t even realize and when you come across it down the road you can hardly react because it’s just simply not worth it.


I mean, I still reacted though. But, it wasn’t as bad as it COULD HAVE BEEN had I seen this little post that my ex’s girlfriend made about me back in February. What was I doing in February? Oh yeah, minding my business, working two jobs, and trying to get my crush to like me back.


But it’s not the post she made about me that upset me. It’s the fact that when I flip out or “overreact” I am told to “calm down” when I say something brash. But when his girlfriend who openly does childish, trivial, high school girl, things like post my name all on her Facebook page about me “supposedly” creeping on her, he does not say a word! Why is it that even after the heartbreak and the forgivness I am still treated like the bad person? Why am I still being persecuted for my emotions?  I had to ask myself, did I really forgive him?


I did. I believe in my heart that I did. Yes, I am still hurt from everything that happened but you know, the devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy your happiness, peace, your sound mind, all that! I really felt attacked this month but for some reason I go through this emotional rollercoaster every August. Last year around this time I had my heart set on this guy that I traveled across the US for only to tell me when I got back that the long distance thing wasn’t going to work out even though we had already been talking for five months prior to that.


However, I refuse to look at August as a bad month. We are nearing the end of Summer and with Autumn being my favourite month I am looking forward to fall folliage. It reminds me of the dead things dying off and just being able to start over again. That’s what I need. I need a do-over. We all could use a do-over sometimes. We go through things and we overreact or do something irrational but it’s not the end of the world. We learn from our mistakes, ask for forgiveness and move on with our lives. Yes, I am known as the petty queen but even my closest friends have noticed that I have toned it down since last year. I have learned that everything does not require a reaction and when you react to ignorant things you are only giving the devil what he wants. You want to really win an argument or a disagreement? Just don’t say anything. Do not mention the situation on social media, don’t bring it up to your friends, just simply go on with your life as if nothing ever happened. That is how you get the victory. Now, I myself am still learning this technique BUT for the disagreements I have chose to walk away from I can honestly say that it was very freeing. It just feels so good to leave a conversation and still have a clear mind without having to stress over what the other person said to you. Really, you guys should try it.


So this is me and this was my August. I hope you guys continue to read, like, comment, and send your questions here. We got some good one’s for next week!


Also, check out and please LIKE my friends new ministry page on FaceBook Eternally Restored. I am so glad to be able to brainstorm some ideas with my friend for this and I am declaring good things to come out from this. She got T-shirts, blogs, vlogs (possibly featuring me so you’d get to see my face and hear my soft sensual voice) HA! But seriously, I am excited for this and so happy that something beautiful is being grown out of something tragic but that is what Eternally Restored is about, building friendships and coming together through various struggles but finding hope in the Lord.


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