Skin care

Disclaimer: This post may contain an absurd amount of selfies… you’ve been warned.

I’ve talked before about how I’ve always struggled with my skin so tonight I wanted give you guys some tips and showcase some products I’ve been using lately that have been helping clear my skin. I’ll also be showing you guys some pictures of how my skin have evolved over the past two years. Here we go!

1. WASH YOUR MAKEUP OFF AT NIGHT! And good. Especially if you wear full coverage foundation it’s important that you really deep clean to get the makeup and dirt out of your pores. This is one of the things that started my skin care journey and perhaps one of the most important.(Notice I’ll tell you later what the most important is.)


2. Witch Hazel I love this product because if your like me, there’s something about seeing the dirt on the cotton pad that gives you a certain feeling of cleanliness lol I don’t use it all the time but maybe once or twice a week.


3. Garnier Skin Active I got this last week at Rite Aid. It was on clearance for like $2 so I HAD TO TRY IT. I had read somewhere that a brightener would help with scaring. I was using Vitamin E oil but it was kinda heavy and I have scarring all over my face so I wasn’t about lather up in oil every night before bed. I really love this because it moisturizes my face really good and is very light.


I think these were taken in 2016? I’m judging based on my hairstyle and jewelry that I’m wearing 😂 but as you can see breakouts were very common for me. I realized last year that cutting out a lot of sugar helped me stop breaking out so much. I’m not saying you can’t have sugar, but just not toooo much sugar!


4. Cetaphil if there’s only one product on this list that you go out and purchase then PLEASE GET THIS PRODUCT! If your familiar with Zendaya (I absolutely love her) she is who I got this from! I have her app (because I’m that obsessed) and she talks about skin care and this was one of the things she recommended. It’s about $5 at Walmart and it REALLY works. Burns like hell the first few times you put it on but after a while I think your skin gets used to it and doesn’t really burn. If you have really sensitive skin then I would suggest you be careful about this one tho. But if you don’t have sensitive skin then I’d suggest you get this. Makes your skin feel SO clean and I use the clearly brighter sunscreen after. I’m telling you guys. After a long day these two products together feel amazing! But feel free to use whatever moisturizer you like!

Those first few pictures were of me in full foundation. Well now I’ll get to some more recent ones. This was last year and even though there’s a filter you can clearly (no pun intended) see how much my acne and scarring has cleared up.


img_7166-1This was me about three months ago with no filter and a lot of my scarring has disappeared.


5. Stress MAJOR KEY ALERT 🔑 *DJ Khaled voice* this is the most important tip I believe there is. Once you eliminate some of the stress from your life I’m telling you, your skin will thank you.


img_7157Here’s another recent pic of me about a month or two ago. Like I said earlier what I’ve been doing is not wearing as much foundation especially since I work full time now. I do not have time to spend on my makeup in the morning. But when I do I now use a higher quality full coverage foundation. Investing in a high quality foundation is important if you have troubled skin. I recommend talking to a makeup expert about what type of foundation would best work for your skin. I recently bought this foundation by Two Faced. It was about $42 but it was DEFINITELY a good investment and only use it about once or twice a week.

6. Mario Badescu OKAY Y’ALL I’m finally hip! I was using this Cucumber rose water spray I got from Marshall’s and it worked well but once I got this, girl! I know some people use it as setting spray and I do too but I also like to use it in the morning to just wake up and hydrate my skin. Plus is smells AMAZING! I got this on amazon for about $8


I know by now y’all are super tired of seeing my face but I had to show you guys a pic of me from just a few days ago. I would love to show you a pic of how my skin looked about 4 years ago but I can’t find one and I’m posting this from my phone and not my computer. Nonetheless, I hope you guys enjoyed my tips. So don’t spend hundreds of $$$ on skin care products when you can get clearer skin for just pennies on the dollar. All of these products are under $10 although I’m not entirely sure how much the Garnier Clearly Brighter moisturizer is at the full retail price but I’m sure it’s no more than $15. Everyone’s skin is different and we all have our own ways of getting through but no matter what type of skin you have STILL LOVE YOURSELF! And if you have any tips of your own then comment them below! I’d love to hear what you guys and girls use.

Oh wait!

7. ONE LAST TIP! Btw I still use my good ol’ Black Soap by Shea moisture ($5 @Walmart). And I love using this after taking off my full coverage foundation instead of the Cetaphil because it’s I think it’s less harsher on my skin and then after I use either my moisturizer or just a lil bit of my coconut oil if I want to keep it natural!

$3.99 and Lidl’s


*Updated 7/31/19


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