Dating distractions?

I realized today that Sundays are the best days for me to work on new posts not only because they are my “rest days” but because I get so much inspiration from Sunday morning service. I always get these ideas of topics I want to talk about but I’m unable to piece them all together because my brain gets so scattered. Plus most of my posts are of me just free writing. The reason why I don’t like starting posts and then working on them later is because I feel like I lose that drive or passion I get when I’m just ranting. Which, about 75% of my posts are of me just ranting but I digress.


Today at my Pastor talked about distractions and for the most part it seemed like cell phones were being served as our biggest distractions but I of course wanted to talk about men. Yes, men can be a huge distraction. I know because they certainly were for me. I say “were” because with my life being set up the way it is right now I definitely do not have the patience to deal with dating right now. But maybe you’re being distracted by dating? I mean, summer is coming. It’s slowly getting warmer, clothes tend to become lighter, DISTRACTIONS! Anyways, how do you know if your dating life is being a distraction or actually turning in to something? I for one tend to lose interest after a while and I find that sometimes guys can fit a certain description that we see as good fit but often times there’s just something missing.


What is that something though?


It’s like a certain spark or chemistry and if he doesn’t have it then it’s just a distraction to me. Plus there’s other characteristics to look for when determining whether or not that person is just a distraction. At this point in my life I am looking for someone that is wholeheartedly chasing after God. Not someone that’s just looking to become more “Spiritual.” I mean that’s cool for you and all but I want someone that can really dive into Romans with me if I ask and also go to church with. Someone that likes to go to church and not just do it because it’s the “right thing to do”. I remember last year I dated this guy that told me, “Oh I just don’t do Sunday morning service.” Literally like three sundays after going to a Sunday morning service with me at one of the Elevation campuses. So be careful, I think that we all should know by now that guys will tell you anything just to have sex with you. Yes, even these “Christian” ones.


And another thing, if he hasn’t commited to you by now then he’s just another distraction. You guys have been casually dating for how many months now and he has not even brought up the topic of a relationship yet? Let. It. Go. Do not give these men girlfriend benefits without the title because yes, TITLES DO MATTER!


One of the questions I still get asked the most is “Angelica, why are you still single?” and I hate answering this because if I could magically make a man appear that loved the Lord and actually liked me too then I would have been did that. The problem is I can’t just settle for any guy that likes me. 


And you shouldn’t either, you deserve a man that’s going to pursue you and not just treat you like arm candy. You deserve more than that.


I hope that you girls (and some guys) have had the chance to take something away from this. I feel a bit of hesitation putting this out there but maybe someone needed to hear it.


Thanks for reading!




P.s. Got a subject you want me talk about? Let me know in the comments!



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