An open letter to my ex(best friend).

I noticed you unblocked me a year or so ago. I’m not entirely sure as to why but as any normal person would, I scroll through your pictures sometimes. It’s crazy to me that you’re a mother now. I’m honestly happy for you. I know we didn’t end on the best of terms and I’ve tried apologizing to you but I think it was your pride that got in the way. That doesn’t mean that what I said to you was any better. I was hurt. But I neglected to think about how you really felt. I understand now that I can’t convince someone to unlove a person and you aren’t the only one that’s made me come to that realization. I want you to know that I still pray for you every now and then. As I get older I realize how many stupid things I’ve done, that we’ve all done and how I wish I could take them back or at least handle the situation differently. I honestly do apologize for the way I spoke to you. I was way out of line and you responded in a way that shouldn’t have come as a surprise to me. But moving past that. I think about your mom a lot. I hope she’s doing well. She was always so welcoming to me, she treated me better than my own mother when I truly think about it. Anyways, I past by their house all the time. My sister bought a house on the next street over. Every now and then I see your mom driving and it’s so funny to me.

With all of that being said, my hope is that one day we can have a conversation together. Maybe not as best friends but as old friends.

– La Angèlica


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