Take yourself out

I woke up Saturday morning and really took some time to explore Richmond. But I realized that I was doing more than going to yard sales and walking around Brown’s Island. I was taking myself out on a little Saturday date. I got some exercise in, took some pictures of the city, and even treated myself to some nachos. It was great. More often then not I’ll find myself thinking of things to do around the city and say to myself, “Well that would be nice to do on a date.” But why wait for a date? (Especially if you’re me and your dating pool is as dry as the Sahara desert but anyways) We can’t always depend or even expect a man to come in and take us somewhere romantic, plus why should we even wait for one? I can tell you now that one thing I absolutely hate doing is waiting for people which is why I choose to do most things alone. When it comes to seeing things for the first time or trying out a new food spot I’d rather do it by myself. I like to soak up the atmosphere, take my time and if I don’t like it then I can leave when I please. Even with having a day off on the fourth it still felt like the longest week ever and I wanted to take the time to do something I wanted to do while I had the opportunity.

  It’s not only about taking yourself out, you may just need to take a bit of time to focus on you. Try taking just one day stepping away from the extracurricular activities with friends and family. Take a weekend to not make any plans and just go where the spirit leads you whether it be a museum, a new bar, or to get some ice cream.  So don’t ever be afraid to do things alone, plus you never know who you’ll meet or run in to 🙂

Or you may be like me and just need to catch up on some sleep and blogging!



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