Single at 25

I talk about my being single a lot not because it’s my first choice when writing but because I just feel like it’s what God tells me to write about. I’ve also heard from a lot of women who have read my blog and told me how much they enjoy the posts as well.

When it comes to my life at this point I may not be as financially stable as I want to be or eat as healthy as I should (I am literally eating fries in a Wendy’s parking lot at 10pm while I write this on my phone) but I’m happy.

So as I look back on my life 10 years from now I want to tell people that yes I was single at 25 but I was happy. My life may not be exactly where I want it but everything is where it needs to be.


Choose happiness.


Maybe that guy that you wish was yours is not the one for you. Don’t waste your life away trying to force it. Life is too short to be worried about men. A lot times we look for relationships just to seek validation from other people. Our validation comes from God and God alone not people. How many couples have gotten together, even married just for the title or to say they have someone only to end up broken-hearted in the end. If I’m being honest, I dated my ex because he seemed “safe” and I knew that I could secure a marriage with him but when our engagement failed it let me know that no matter how much we may want something if that’s not what God has planned for us then it’s not going to happen. And it’s going to hurt when you realize it but if you could avoid the hurt by simply not getting involved then why don’t you? Many times we enter relationships knowing it’s not what God wants for us but we do it anyway.

And brokenness is not a bad thing. It teaches us and makes us stronger but God doesn’t want to see us going through the same situations over and over again.


Singleness is not a burden it’s a resource.


I know that I said in my last post I was going to take the rest of the month off but when God speaks you gotta move. Also August is practically over now and much of this post was about things I just needed to hear again myself. I’m just as messed up as the next woman but I’m a happy mess.


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– Angelica


2 thoughts on “Single at 25

  1. Cristal Clear says:

    wow I love this. I’m 31 now . But I spent all of my 20s chasing men and wrong relationships. it led to a lot of pain!! But God has restored me and even though I want a husband, I’m at peace with where God has me. I dont want any man, I want the one that God has for me so I will continue to enjoy life and do what God wants me to do. God bless you and thank you for this post.

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