If you think I included you in this post chances are, I have.

If I could blog about the differences in guys I’ve dated in the past three years it would probably go something like this:


1. Michael: My first older man. I met him walking up the steps of a club with my friend. What a great feeling it was to be courted by this man. He was everything I never knew I wanted until now. This is man came in to my life definitely at the wrong time wrong place. I had met him a few months after my engagement broke off. I could tell he wanted more way too soon and I just wasn’t ready. I wasn’t looking at the future back then. I wanted to live in my now which wasn’t a bad thing. I needed my now. I needed to experience all the things I missed out on. I needed to be a 22 year old. He’s moved on now and I assume they’re happy but if I could go back I would. My God I would.


2. Jesse: Don’t date musicians. Especially ones that live practically on the other side of the country. If I’m being honest a part of me really wanted to be with him but also a part of me just wanted to get back at my ex. He was always busy working which didn’t entirely bother me. The Bible says, “A man that don’t work don’t eat!” But where did that leave me? It was hard enough that he was in Texas and I was in Virginia. And like all my flames this one was kept hidden from the world. I wish it could’ve worked out but when I think about it there’s just no way it would have. You ever meet someone so stubborn that it’s like how could I ever get what I want out of this relationship? Yeah that’s how a lot of my relationships tend to go.


3. Trey: If I could go back in time and remove one guy I’ve dated it would be him. I once heard a phrase that goes something like, “The devil will send you a person and make him look like everything you ever wanted.” When we first met I thought to myself maybe God had finally delivered my godly man? Boy was I wrong. Need I remind you this was the guy that got me to read the book Job with him for a week and then weeks later tell me he doesn’t want to go to church with me because he, “Doesn’t do Sunday morning service.” I don’t think I’ve ever been with someone so toxic in my life. Not only did he have alot of past issues but the results of them were being taken out on me. I had never been with anyone who honestly scared me at times. He never put his hands on me but I could see it happening and that was something that scared me the most. I urge women not to rush in to relationships ESPECIALLY with men who have not worked through their past traumas whether it be from parents, past relationships or what have you. I felt God really tug on my heart strings with this one. We only dated for about two months but when I say God SNATCHED me up out that relationship SO QUICK! He made sure I wouldn’t go back, let alone date anyone like that again.


4. Chris: This was the Angel I believe God sent me after the last one. Even though we dated for almost four months and completely ghosted each other after an awkward Valentine’s Day dinner I have no hard feelings towards him. He was a sweetheart but he wasn’t the man I was after spiritually. It may seem kinda harsh but it’s true. I wanted someone to push me to be a better woman of God and I also knew that we were just on two completely different paths at the moment. He’s still an amazing person and I don’t think he fully realizes that. God is going to bless him with an amazing woman one day.


5. *Joseph: My honorable mention who I actually didn’t date but I will tell you about anyway. This was a guy who I had the BIGGEST crush on for a few months after Jesse and I’m not even one to have crushes but this guy really had me sucked in and didn’t even know it. He was just so intelligent, and cute, and cultured, girl he even spoke French and ugh I could go on! However,  homeboy was not feeling me AT ALL! So yes, even I Angelica have dealt with rejection in some way. Okay maybe he didn’t exactly reject me but he didn’t pursue me either even though I wanted him to. Anyways, God really humbled me with that one but it did teach me that if it was meant to be it would be and if it doesn’t happen then God just has something else for you.


I hope you guys are able to analyze the people you’ve dated over the past few years if you’re still single like me. What would you have done differently? What would you not have done at all? I also hope that this teaches you to not settle and to realize that some people just aren’t worth the effort especially if it puts your own mental and physical well being at risk. We’ve all made mistakes, and we all have that one that got away (I have a few but maybe that’ll be a post for another day perhaps?) Anyways, thanks for bringing in September with me. Remember to like, comment, and share!


P.s. You didn’t think I was going to use real names did you?



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