Be careful what you cast as your idols.

The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.

I can say that one of my idols have certainly become my looks. I like to think that I’m pretty humble when it comes to the way I look, if I need to run to Walmart on a Saturday morning after I just woke up and still in my t shirt and sweats I will do that. But at the same time I do love having my hair done as well as a nice clean, beat face. Not to mention my acrylic nails, oh and eye lashes!

But sometimes I have to check myself. Not only am I spending money I don’t have on things I absolutely do not need, they make me feel good about myself and it makes me feel pretty.



No, looks aren’t everything. But when you’ve been single for three years sometimes you just want to hear someone tell you that you look good.

It’s when those things and that obsession with looking a certain way becomes an idol that messes you up. When I put more thought in to what I’m wearing to church on Sunday than if I remembered to bring my bible is when I have to stop myself and say, “okay Angelica, get it together.”

As much as I say I don’t like men, I do still want them to find me attractive and that’s just me being overtly honest.

But the Bible tells us that we shouldn’t place any person or thing above Him. He simply just won’t accept it. I’ve placed relationships above God and He always took them away. I don’t want God to take my looks away, and if you’d only seen how I looked in middle school you’d feel the same way.


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