Running towards your fears

Is not something that anyone wants to do. But as someone who’s made plenty of mistakes in the past, it’s been something that God has been telling me that I have to do. Over the past year I’ve grown, I’ve built up discipline, I’ve prayed, I’ve cried out to God time and time again. And no matter how much I “think” I deserve to be happy and healthy it’s just not what’s happened. I can’t bargain with God and convince him not to take me through what he’s taking me through, He’s going to do just what he wants to put me through. I have no say, I don’t even know the outcome. All I can do is Trust in Him and know that He is God and he’s by my side always.

Christianity isn’t about living a perfect life. It’s about going through life’s struggles knowing that you’re loved by a perfect God and that you’re not alone.


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